Automation Opportunity Discovery workshop

Automation Opportunity Discovery workshop

“Automation Opportunity Discovery”. AOD er teknologi uafhængig og skaber et helikopterview over automatiseringsmuligheder i et End2End perspektiv. Med udgangspunkt i din virksomheds processer og medarbejdernes indsigt. Det blev til mange spændende diskussioner om alt fra, hvordan bliver RPA compliance, til hvordan bliver de en del af CoE. Er RPA et quick fix, eller skal man have styr på sine End2End processer. Glæder mig allerede til næste gang.

The Digital Transformation Hype

The Digital Transformation Hype

The digital transformation hype is endless these days, and so are the challenges, buzzwords are flying,

– Artificial Intelligence, – Machine learning, – Digital Workforce, – Digital Twin, – Chat Bots, – Robot Process Automation, -Blockchain, – Business Intelligence, Process Mining and the list just goes on.

So, the digital decision landscape is endless for executive management teams around the world, and large sums are invested in technology every day.

But the truths are that before your organization can implement successful digitalization cycles, you first and foremost need to understand how you do business, and how your customers want to do business with you.

» To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail«.

This require profound insight into your Customers, Operation, Organization, Administration, IT infrastructure, Risk and Compliance profile, the kind of insight you will find with your most valuable assets, yes you guessed it! – your employees.

So, before you look for nails, you should look for solutions and knowledge that can help your organization build and understand the operational landscape, clearly showing how you support your customers’ requirements (journey) to how they can do business with you, and how you are organized to deliver the best products or services.

Then digitalization opportunities can be identified continuously by the organization, and the right hammer can be validated with tech consultants, who understand what the technologies can and can’t do.

This will lead to cost effective and agile development and implementation projects, that will bring the kind of ROI or market advantages your strategy is aimed at.

Finally, your will be able to monitor and govern your new digital workforce, just like any other resource in the organization.

IGX Solutions have joined forces with one of the leading Digital Automation Service providers BP3 to run a series of events, to take you to the end to end of Automation Opportunity Discovery, nail before hammer.