iGrafx Customers

What do customers say about using iGrafx?

Dr. Lilian Ulhaas, Quality Management Representative, Munich University of Applied Sciences
“Above all, we want to establish process thinking. So far, many colleagues have only thought about the processes in their own department. In any case, the topic of processes is becoming more and more important in the daily work of the university. The iGrafx solutions provide us with the right tools for this. We plan to gradually expand the application in the coming months”.

Jürgen Weiß, Head of Process Management & Benchmarking, Munich Airport
“For us, the key advantage of the iGrafx BPM suite is the integration of its broadband range of requirements for an end-to-end business process management. With iGrafx as the core process management, we are able to deliver pragmatic value-added solutions to our customers.”

Jürgen Richthammer, Head of SAP – CCC, Grammer AG
“Our first goal was to bring transparency to our process landscape and to clearly define both the processes and the respective process owners, which is now very well implemented, and the process map is now ready. The global rollout went well, not only because the tools are easy to use, but because iGrafx always supported us promptly despite the time difference in Mexico and China.”

Jörg Tischler, Delivery Manager, HP Enterprise Application Services
“With iGrafx, business departments and IT managers have the same view of business and technical processes and thus a better and, above all, common understanding of business processes. Many problems associated with an SAP implementation, system extensions and functional ad

Albert Fendl, Senior Manager BPM, Denso Automotive GmbH
“The iGrafx tools are very stable. We can now provide everything with appropriate process metrics, have fewer deviations within ISO-TS certification, and have much greater process fidelity. Thus, we quickly achieved the return on investment in the second year.”