Our management team

Henrik Naundrup Vester

Henrik Naundrup Vester is a recognized Business Process Management (BPM) trendsetter and trusted advisor for a number of global organizations; experienced presenter and keynote speaker at conferences globally.

Henrik N. Vester started his career journey in early 1980’s in the Royal Danish Navy, becoming one of the first pioneers educated to support the organizational transformation from a mainframe-based service model, to the world of Personal Computers.

Henrik has since then been working on a number of Enterprise scale Business Transformation Projects, mainly in highly regulated industries like food manufactures and Pharmaceuticals, always as the person who bring people, processes, methodologies, regulations and technology together. Translating complex theories and relationships, between regulations and enterprise architectures, into practical models and tools for all levels of the business.

Henrik is today managing and advising a number of technology start-ups and consulting companies in the BPM space. Working directly with the transformation teams, Henrik helps his clients keeping their business core differentiators and value drivers in focus for the projects.

Henrik Tryon

Henrik is Senior Executive and achieving significant results in various Danish and international group companies. Henrik has previously served as CEO, CFO and Chairman/board member in companies, from IT/consultancy house to trade companies.

Competence areas: General management, business development, transformation, turnaround management, start-up and development of companies internationally as national and board work nationally and internationally.

‘My management philosophy is to achieve goals and results through competent managers and employees.
Composition and constant development of a strong team that runs the business through innovation, operation and development is important.
Common understanding of values, goals and frameworks is the foundation for security and job satisfaction.

Only by developing employees can the company develop. I have good experience in providing the best framework so that together we can achieve both business, team and personal development goals.’