Proof of Concept

Value delivered or no deal

We are committed to prove to any potential customer, the value of both our services and the iGrafx Business Process Management platform, to ensure this commitment we always start a new customer relationship with a Prove of Solution Value project.

Together with you, we scope out a project with clear ROI within one of the following arears, – Digital Transformation (e.g. Automation Opportunity Discovery), – Governance Risk and Compliance (E.g. GDPR), – Continuous Improvement (E.g. LEAN and/or Six Sigma), -ISO and Quality management – Enterprise Architecture (E.g. Hammer or Zachmann).

We facilitate a free of charge 2 month hosting of the iGrafx 2017 Platform on a secure MS-AZURE cloud for a core team of 5 people and load relevant meta data to the system.

IGX Solution will hereafter facilitate workshops and skill transfer sessions, to ensure a well-executed change project with clear outcome:

  • Two months agile process with four clearly defined sprints.
  • Scoping workshops
  • Training and modelling workshops
  • Run a full DMAIC cycle on the pain defined during scoping session.
  • Define (what’s the issue)
  • Measure (how big is the issue)
  • Analyze (What courses the issue)
  • Improve and implement (How can we solve the issue)
  • Control (monitor the solution)
  • Value realization workshop

The total cost for an agreed PoSV process is 6.900 Euro (excl. vat). The duration from kick off to value realization will be between two and three months. IGX Solutions provide tools and platforms included in the price.